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 mix for nobless

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PostSubject: mix for nobless   mix for nobless I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 2:49 am

Basic recipe that you need to collect the following materials
500 moonstone shards [Toi 3o floor hallate's maid]
100 lava stones[Aden, Blazing swamp Hames orc shaman, lava wyrms]
100 Demon's blood[Toi 2o floor Hallates guardian's]
60 volcanic ash[Aden, Blazing swamp hames orc shaman]
10 blood root
5 quick silver
2 suflur

Also take the formula that you need to mix this items

Low Level Reagant Formulas:
Moon Dust: 10 Moonstone Shards, 1 Volcanic Ash
Magmu Dust: 10 Lava Stones, 1 Volcanic Ash
Demonplasm: 10 Demon Blood, 1 blood Root

High Level Reagant Forumals:
Fire Essence: 10 Magma Dusts, 1 Sulfur
Lunargent: 10 Moon Dusts, 1 Quicksilver
Demonic Essense: 10 Demonplasms, 1 Sulfur
Hellfire Oil: 1 Fire Essence, 1 Demonic Essence

You will mix all the items in Temp 1- Salamander

To make this more easier

you start mixing them (You are in ivory tower in the underground shoping basement..)

For example
Insert Mixing Stone (You will put it only 1 time)
Insert Ingredients 10 moonstone shards
Insert Catalyst 1 Volcanic Ash
Insert Temperature 1 - Salamander (In all mixes you will put this temperature)
This will make 1 moon dusts, you need 50 moon dusts so you need to do this 50 times (So simple smile.gif )
Watch carefully the Low Level Reagant Formulas, and the Hight Level Reagant Formulas and do the same with the other quest items ( Lavastone, Demon blood etc..)

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PostSubject: Re: mix for nobless   mix for nobless I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 2:13 am

poli katatopistiko apla na ksereis oti einai nobless.... oxi noobless Razz
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mix for nobless
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