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 Usefull Quests for all chars

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Usefull Quests for all chars Empty
PostSubject: Usefull Quests for all chars   Usefull Quests for all chars I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 12, 2009 1:45 pm

Illegitimate Child of a Goddess - Lvl 63+
Aden - D. Elf Guild - Grand Master Oltlin. Reward: random A grade recipe for jewels - shields.

Legacy of Insolence - Lvl 59+
Aden - Warhouse Keeper Walderal. Rewards: A-grade boot/helm/glove fabrics & recipes

An Arrogant Search Lvl 60+
Aden - Dark Elf Guild - Magister Hanellin. Reward: White Fabrics - Access to see Baium.

For Sleepless Deadmen - Lvl 60+
Aden - Einhasad Temple - High Priest Orven. Rewards:A grade Accessory Parts (shield, jewelry).

Supplier of Reagents - Lvl 57+
Trader Wesley in the basement of Ivory Tower (the shopping area). Rewards: A grade crafting components/Full B-grade items plus Ingredients for 3rd class- Nobless quests.
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Usefull Quests for all chars
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